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Aggregators: online journalism reporting resources


News, at least online news,  is no longer just the news oracle speaking to the audience. That’s the the Internet and interactivity, the news is gravitating toward becoming a conversation. In this conversation, journalists and readers “work” together to define, gather and report news.

One way to jump into the conversation, especially for someone new to this kind of reporting, is to learn how to use blog “aggregators” or collectors like Technorati. An excellent and easy to follow tutorial is available at SMUG, a Web site “college” created by Lee Aase,  the manager for Syndications and Social Media at Mayo Clinic.

Go ahead and stop by the site and follow along. Go to Technorati and insert words you want to use for your search. If necessary, you can refine the search using the “authority” link. You can also take the step to narrow your search by using tags.

And you can create a “Watchlist.” On the home page,, move right along the green toolbar until you see “Favorites.” Click on that. When the window opens, click on “Watchlist.”

That should open another window that asks you to type a word or URL you want to track. Type in a key word or two from  your subject and hit enter. Do that as often as you want. To monitor your watchlist, you can return to regularly. Say once a day. Or, you can set up an RSS feed for each specific Watchlist you create. Then you can monitor the entries through your reader.

You can do the same with other Technorati feeds.

As Aase suggests, try out BlogPulse (no sign up necessary) and IceRocket(no sign up necessary) and, in your own time, set up your account at Google News.

Finally, you can create an account on Alltop.

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