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Is Wikipedia a business model?


Can a Wikipedia format save newspapers? ‘pedia founder Jimmy Wales says “Yes.”

When you were a teen, did you love “live” TV? Caution: “live” doesn’t mean what you might think.

Nielsen reports on Web viewing.

A story I missed…until today…Let’s Invent an iTunes for News.

Fascinating post by a soon-to-be grad who interned in Pittsburgh (with an ‘h’).

Newspapers and (non) diversity and how diverse readers moving online.

Am I the only person who hears the screech of fingernails clawing blackboard when I read headlines and sentences using the verb “grow” like this: “Newspapers must grow their online market share…”

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  1. 04/23/2009 12:31 AM

    Thanks for linking! Regarding your last question “am I the only…”: Yes, hopefully you are the only one. What is the difference between “newspapers must grow their market share” and “Farmer Joe must grow his carrots”? If you’re feeling that screeching of fingernails, it means you need to get over your prescriptivist inhibitions, no offense.

    • com300blog permalink*
      04/25/2009 1:10 AM

      Hey, thanks for the comment. Love the work I see coming from It’s helping me “grow” as a teacher.

      If I’m prescriptivist because I know the difference between organic and inorganic, well, shucks. I guess I’m whatever that word means.

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