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I use the class blog of Brett Atwood at Washington State for guidance and ideas. Earlier this year he published two shorts posts, both addressing Soundslides.

Here’s the gist:

To upload or embed a finished Slideshow to a blog or Web site, you first need to check its size. He said to do what the directions provided in this Soundslides tutorial.

Once that’s done, Soundslides provides this tutorial on embedding.

Next, he directed his students to this video tutorial (on which you’ll hear the voice of Soundslides creator Joe Weiss). Caution: you might want to open another window and go to That site provides free Web hosting. It’s a good step-by-step tutorial that may help ease some of the frustration of posting to

After you create a slideshow presentation, you can export the completed production so that it is ready to be uploaded and embedded into your blog or Web site.Before you export, you should follow the instructions on resizing your image and at this link

Watch this tutorial for an overview on converting your SoundSlides project to a Web-embedded production.
(to resize in a format that is compatible with Blogger).

For you Macaholics,  follow this tutorial from Soundslides.

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