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What happens when I copy and paste from one of Brett Atwood’s posts on his class blog?

“Here are some links to the stories/sites mentioned in today’s lecture:

Salary information for Web editors (courtesy of

“CNN’s Daryn Kagan “

cut off here…..

My apologies to Brett…but this worked. I copied, pasted, published and the links worked. That’s scary.

How easy it is to rip off others’ blogs, others’ work.

In his class last week he sent his students here and asked them to evaluate. Here’s his assignment:

“Select two multimedia stories from Sun-Sentinel’s Web site (link above). Write a brief critique on the multimedia components of the reporting. Do they add or detract from the storytelling? Why?
:Your critique should include discussions of layout, interactivity, multimedia, sidebars, links, and structure.”

Would this work in Com300?

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