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Experimenting April 14 in the evening


Does this work? This is a permalink from CNN. Yes, it does.

Okay, what was I doing? Just signed up with Wanted to load a video of a CNN staffer shooting behind the scenes with a Flip cam. Gives me a headache, watching it.

But there’s something here worth pursuing. Don’t know what yet….but….

While I was away, I discovered now accepts TED embeds. I’ll give it a whirl later.

Filed in the I’m not sure I’m believin’ this category: This report says only 3 percent of “newspaper reading happens online.” Did they poll anyone under 25? Any student here at Bethel? Anyone in my Com300 class. .. To be read later.

Is student cam a Clarion idea? What about best campus videos? Gotta load the TED piece from the architect cum page designer.

The NYTimes fans itself on Facebook here, here and here.

Ookay, this guy’s a pro but….this is how we need to do our stuff….check out the reporting. Dang. This is just one sliver of how we do journalism today…..

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