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Borrowing from Brett at WSU


I’m trying to learn to blog. Right now, I’m fixated on a site published by Brett Atwood at WSU: I’ve just left him a phone message, asking him to call. In the message I’ve told him I’m “borrowing” (or copying) content from his site.

What I’m trying to learn is how to embed Slideshare. And how to embed from YouTube. It’s all a process. But I find I have to stay at it and stay at it and stay at it etc etc. Being 59 and expecting to remember all this on the first go isn’t happening. At least for me.

So while I love learning and usually enjoy the process, trying to learn what I’m also trying to teach simultaneously is beginning to wear.

But, as my friend Tom would say, “That’s no hill for a stepper.” I guess you’d have to know Tom and some context. Maybe later.

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